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Here’s what you can expect from Streamline Athletes.

Informed PSAs

Prospective student-athletes who reach you through Streamline Athletes have done their initial research. They have a base of knowledge on your track and field/cross-country program and your academic institution.

Athletes who are interested in joining your program

Athletes focus on a short list of programs they’re highly interested in. You can have confidence that your program is one of five or fewer on any athlete’s list.

Athletes with the academic and athletic standards you’re looking for

Spend your time with PSAs who have the grades and athletic performances you need to engage in meaningful recruiting dialogue.

How it works

Collegiate coaches do not need an account to benefit from Streamline Athletes.

We’ll be in touch when an athlete aspires to join your team. You can also reach out to us if you’d like to set your program's academic and athletic standards or make custom recruiting requests.

High school and club track & field coaches

We love to connect with high school and club track and field/cross-country coaches. Whether it’s to learn about our sport or help your athletes find their best college/university opportunities, please feel free to give us a shout.